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Special Event Video's on DVD for any Occasion

Imagine sharing that special occasion on the BIG SCREEN with family and friends at your big event, watch your photographs on TV! Get your most precious pictures out of the shoeboxes, closets, and drawers.

Add special video moments to your package, organize them on DVD and preserve them for a lifetime to share with your friends and family. We create themed DVD Photo Albums using your selected photos in the order that you choose. DVD Photo Albums are slide show presentations of your pictures, with themed background music. Each picture will remain on screen for 3-5 seconds, and you can pause at any time at a particular photo. Your photos will now last forever! Hurry!! And let us create your Masterpiece!

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Save your fading photograph collection and let us create a DVD photo album. Get your photo albums out of the closets, let us scan your precious photos and archive them to DVD for many generations to enjoy.
(One copy is included FREE)

Alamo DVD Solutions is located in Live Oak/North East San Antonio area


Archive DVD Transfer

archive-dvdOur DVD archive process will transfer your video to high quality, long lasting DVD.

Our professional transfer equipment will automatically create “chapter points” every 3 minutes. Just press the next or previous button on your remote and you can jump forward or back in 3 minute segments. This archive transfer process is perfect for less important video tapes or other documentation. And, it will last a lifetime. Comes with standard DVD label and DVD Case.

No more fast forwarding or rewinding!


$18 per 2 hours of video - Includes 1 free copy

Minimum 2 hour transfers

** Some additional charges may apply due to total running time



Film Transfer

Film Transfer

Film deteriorates over time and without transferring the film to DVD, they may be lost forever. Our DVD experts will take your 8mm and Super 8mm film and transfer them to DVD using state of the art equipment and processes.


Your precious film will be handled with the utmost of care. All film is cleaned and lubricated prior to the transfer process in order to prevent breakage and remove accumulated dirt and debris. Each frame is captured separatey via Telecine to give you the best playback possible. Multiple reels will be combined and a full-motion
thumbnail index menu makes it a snap to find the scene you are looking for.


How much film do I have?


Diameter of Reel Film Length When Full Approx. Run Time When Full

3 inch reel - 7.6 cm reel 50 ft 3 - 4 minutes

5 inch reel - 12.7 cm reel 200 ft 14 - 16 minutes

7 inch reel - 17.7 cm reel 400 ft 28 - 32 minutes


$0.15 per foot, minimum order $40

Includes 1 free backup copy

*does not include editing or authoring



Coming Soon




Digital Photo Album DVD Transfer

digital-photo-albumWe can transfer your digital photos on DVD or CD. Clean up your hard drive with all of those digital photos clogging valuable space. Bring us your camera’s memory card or a CD-ROM. Our Digital Photo Albums can also be themed and put to music.


Digital Photo Album Transfer starts at: $39.95

- Depending on original content and format


dvd-transfers Convert any of your digital photos to "easy to view" DVD

dvd-transfers Watch your photos on your TV as well as the computer

dvd-transfers Convert CD-ROM, Flash Card, Memory Stick


* Some additional charges may apply due to total running time


Alamo DVD Solutions LLC. is located in Live Oak/North East San Antonio area

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